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About Us

We are a trusted Swiss company that selects, collects and collates data from widely available Internet sources. From the physical world to the cyber world, we deliver actionable information to you in a secure, discreet and reliable manner. Our aim is to present a holistic view of the wider security situation.

We are a one-stop-shop for security and intelligence information, including:

Protected and provided by anonymised access to cyberspace.

Information Marketplace

All the necessary information, right at your fingertips

Our hosted information marketplace offers many additional sources of information that can be used to enrich security awareness. Data from open sources, commercial providers, or other organisations can help close the gaps in the overall security picture.

Our specialised infrastructure provides secure and discreet access to data sources through the channel of your choice (either on-premise or as a service). Data diodes push data within a secure network without having access to the network itself, making the information available when and where it is required with complete security.

Automated. Continuously. Efficiently. Securely.

Open Source Data

  • Geo Information Systems
  • Location Information
  • Threat Information

Commercial Data Feeds

  • Ship & Flight Routes
  • News Agencies’ Feeds
  • Risk Monitoring Feeds

Closed Data Feeds

  • IOCs
  • RAT Spotting

Anonymiser Network

Undetected movement in cyberspace.

The Anonymiser Network provides the ability to move undetected through cyberspace. It is a worldwide, cross-continental multihop VPN solution, that routes your Internet traffic through multiple servers (3+) across separate jurisdictions.

All traffic is strongly encrypted between every node, following a random route to block any potential attempts by cyber-criminals to trace it back to your location.

  • Supports the needs of government, military, law enforcement and critical infrastructure providers.
  • Anonymous, secure and reliable international server network.
  • Provides undetectable and protected mobility within cyberspace.
  • Obscures data flow using random route selection and artificial Internet traffic.
  • Traffic is fully encrypted between every node.
  • Allows secure data transfer, devoid of infection or attacks.
  • On-premises or SaaS